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Total Station Storehouse is your source for great deals on South theodolites. South is one of the leading manufacturers of theodolites and other precision surveying instruments and we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of South theodolites that you'll find anywhere. We offer precision surveying instruments from only the most respected manufacturers in the industry so you can be sure that every theodolite you'll find offered for sale on our site is of the highest quality. Survey our site and see how much your business can save on top-quality total stations and theodolites. Our association with ebay and other trusted equipment sellers allows us to provide you with an excellent selection of affordably priced precision surveying tools. We're positive that you're not going to find more competitive prices or a more exhaustive selection of equipment anywhere else online. Let Total Station Storehouse set you up with the right theodolite that you need for your surveying or construction business.


2" Theodolite Electronic Theodolite DT-02L Laser point laser plummet

ET-02L 2

ET-02L 2" Electric Theodolite including Laser Pointer from USA

Hixon Electronic Theodolite ET-02/05

Hixon Electronic Theodolite ET-02/05

ET-05L 5

ET-05L 5" Electric Theodolite including Laser Pointer ped from USA


2" Theodolite Electronic Theodolite DT-02

ET-05 Digital Theodolite

ET-05 Digital Theodolite

ET-05 5

ET-05 5" Digital Theodolite ped from USA

ET-02 2

ET-02 2" Digital Theodolite ped from USA


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